Matcha is a high-quality powdered green tea, the healthiest of all kinds of green tea. Scientists who have been studying its medicinal properties for years are convinced that such properties are undoubtedly the result of the production process. The tea plants are shade-grown for two-three weeks before harvest, which slows their growth. During that time the leaves get pale green in colour and produce amino acids, which make the tea sweeter and more aromatic. The leaves are picked, dried and ground into powder of intense green colour. Thanks to this process, Matcha is sweeter and smoother than typical green tea.

The properties of matcha tea

It has plenty of antioxidants
It is rich in catechins and EGCG
It supports memory and concentration
It boosts vigour and immunity
It cleanses the body
It boosts immune system
It improves cholesterol levels
It has a calming effect