The idea for healthy, glass-bottled beverages came about… naturally! Germinating within corporate spaces, it was a result of experience, need and certain longing put together. Kuba, a product manager in the automotive industry at the time, was looking for a refreshing supplement to his healthy diet. Izabela, on the other hand, had been gathering considerable sales experience over the years spent in companies with top soft drink brands, such as Coca-Cola or Pepsi-Cola, in their portfolios. The Naturee bottle wouldn’t also be the same without Kuba’s brother, an Asian culture enthusiast, who right away brought up a few names of natural drinks, which back then still sounded outlandish. And then there was grandma, whose compote was a magical childhood memory.

What came next was an intense search through the shops for homemade beverages which would fall into the category of refreshing, healthy, low-sugar and ready-to-drink immediately after opening the bottle. The first find was kombucha. Foreign in origin, yet at the same time reminiscent of grandma’s compote, it became an impulse to start production of similar drinks in Poland. Here, the obstacles turned out to be the technology as well as the matter of the suspicious local palate – who will agree to farm a poorly-known Japanese tea mushroom and, finally, will the Poles want to drink a fermented beverage based on it? That was, however, where Izabela’s market knowledge and expertise came in. Not to mention that very early into working on the first beverage recipe with Kuba, it turned out that they are both nature-minded. And thus, the healthy experiment began!

A solid recipe had to go hand in hand with a pleasant flavor – seeking out the right ingredients went on for six busy months that culminated in holding the first bottle of the self-created drink. From then on, the fermenting just kept on going. After kombucha, it was time for new flavors and properties, something natural would need to be added. And here again Kuba’s brother came to the rescue. One day he served a vividly green brew of a peculiar taste in a small pot that in a few sips would turn out to be a true energetic sensation and a natural choice for the next beverage. The Matcha, which stimulates and yet soothes at the same time, to be used was selected out of over 30 samples – the organic version straight from Japan was the winner. After all, for the greatest good, you need to reach to the roots.

Presently, the natural next step is adding new flavors to the Naturee family. Soon to appear alongside matcha and kombucha are nature-fueled isotonic and energy drinks, smoothies and yerba mate. There are many recipes for energy that nature has for us to discover. The creators of Naturee share their findings in a glass bottle.